The Importance of Kitchen Design

Professional and competent kitchen design services are carried out by architects, interior designers, and/or efficient installers. Or, if you are design savvy, you yourself can design the look and layout of your kitchen. Results of a survey conducted by Kitchen and Bath Business Magazine in 2010 showed that 16% of the people surveyed had already … [Read more…]

Themes And Decorating Ideas For Party Tents

Most of the time, outdoor parties are harder and more time-consuming to organize. However, if planned and set properly, it will certainly be more memorable and enjoyable for the celebrants and guests. The fixtures and features that you have for your outdoor party can contribute greatly to its success. One of the must-have fixtures you … [Read more…]

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Tips

Is your bedroom making you feel claustrophobic but you don’t have the money for a home addition? Well, with a little paint, rearranging of furniture and a few tips, you can fool the eyes into thinking that the space is larger than it really is. Furniture & Clutter Remove unnecessary pieces of furniture and clutter. … [Read more…]

The Various Types of Exterior Glass Used In Architectural Design

While glass has been used as a building material for centuries, developments in glass production throughout history have made possible structures and designs that were never before imaginable. Even recently, technological novelties in the world of architectural glass have allowed designers to manipulate exterior glass to dazzling effect in masterpieces such as the Bayern State … [Read more…]